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MOMENTS brand created a continuous NFT collection where the art is in the scan. Each QR code is a link to unique writings or visuals by the creator who wishes to inspire and educate the collective on things school never taught about the journey of self discovery. Each QR code is a connection to it's own unique knowledge piece. Purchasing a MOMENT helps spread the awareness of a collective awakening, allowing individuals the opportunity to knowledge that'll help them align into true self awareness and authentic expression. Your token also doubles as a membership to the MOMENTS family, giving holders special access to upcoming plans and experiences. Read more on MOMENTS below. 


This collection of NFTs contain QR codes that link to knowledge given in writings or visuals by the creator. The art is in the creators education style to teach life and assist anyone on their journey of self discovery or what some would call an awakening. Each NFT links to it's own unique knowledge piece. MOMENTS is a continuous collection, releasing new MOMENTS on the first and last Sunday of every month. There will be a MOMENTS cap of 888 family members, excluding exclusive MOMENTS. 

Available on OpenSea


In no particular order, here are the ultimate goals for this project.


The MOMENTS NFT collection will be released.


Reach 222 inspirational MOMENTS created and 222 MOMENTS family members curated. 


Curate a community of educators who are also interested in teaching the skills of their craft.


Hire a graphic designer to help make QR codes more digitally appealing.


Organize a business and learning conference experience in the state of the Family's choice. 


Purchase virtual real estate that will be converted to a virtual learning institution.


Give back to all who contributed to building an authentic family. 


Being a part of the family defines you as someone who values authenticity and individuality. For all the aspiring or current entrepreneurs and/or free spirits who value listening to intuition over following the masses. Purchasing an NFT is spreading a moment of meaning and value. MOMENTS holders also enjoy the following perks as MOMENTS grows:


Exclusive members area.

Receive MOMENTS products for free.

Ownership and Commercial use rights given over token itself. 

Random gifting!


Free exclusive entry to all future business and learning conferences.


Free usage of the virtual learning institution space.


MOMENTS with Morg is the full name of the brand, highlighting the one and only creator Morgan B. She is a multifaceted entrepreneur with many gifts to share. Upon graduating college with her B.S. in Biology, Morgan became a middle school science teacher. Very early in that journey she realized she did not want to teach the textbook learning education school taught, she wanted to teach about things that were way more impactful. Seeking answers to her new endeavors she found herself on her own journey of self discovery and in the midst of an awakening. This process led her into the field of entrepreneurship and inspiring to teach others what she had learned. It was disturbing to her that topics like financial literacy, emotional IQ, self thinking (not self programming) and many other things were not valued topics in the average public school curriculum. So, now she's on a journey to use her natural teaching abilities to help others find themselves in a world that will lead you to follow until you're lost. 

The famous author Mark Twain once said "I can teach anybody how to get what they want out of life. The problem is that I can't find anybody who can tell me what they want." She loves to add on that quote by saying people don't know what they truly want because people don't know who they truly are. Join us on a journey as we share knowledge amongst the collective on how to find your true authentic self. She aims to build a MOMENTS team of other specialized educators who wish to also share their knowledge and gifts at upcoming conferences and virtual events that this project will assist in building from the ground up. The world is moving very fast with widening access and new technologies but no matter how fast it moves we want to be sure the collective knows that authenticity never dies, no matter the industry.


*Click the image to reveal the art in the scan!

001 NFT.png


Status: FOR SALE

Min Bid: 0.0033 ETH

002 NFT.png


Status: FOR SALE

Min Bid: 0.0033 ETH

003 NFT.png


Status: FOR SALE

Min Bid: 0.0033 ETH

Available on OpenSea

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